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Let’s tackle women’s workwear...
25% of a woman’s lifetime income might come from her clothes (which is ridiculous)

Sali Christeson, the Co-Founder and CEO of Argent, is a proud tech junkie (now in recovery) who has launched a fast-growing apparel business.

She was inspired to create Argent from a personal pain point of shopping for workwear that didn’t reflect the bold, strong, imperfect women she looked up to.

Argent launched June 2016 as a direct-to-consumer women's workwear brand addressing a long-ignored opportunity in retail: focusing on what working women really want and need.

They’re reinventing the category by focusing on functionality, brand and community building.

Behind high-quality, high-fashion product and a bold, irreverent tone, they’ve received incredible reception from working women across all industries and demographics, including Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Brooklyn Decker.

They're on track to grow 400% in 2019, have 100+ successful pop-up events with partners like Google, Accenture, KPMG, WeWork, JP Morgan, etc, across five major cities, and have released six full seasonal collections to-date.

The gig

2+ years later, Argent is at a turning point and needs help to keep up with its growing demand.

Sali is looking for a Chief of Staff who can travel the world to build the business alongside her.

It’s a full-time role located in Los Angeles.

She’s looking for a Linchpin who will hold her accountable, incubate ideas, keep the business moving forward, ensure the company has the proper resources and keep the team energized.

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